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These pages are designed to provide information about the League, a brief history of the League,

online registration for the League competitions, a brief summary of the rules of the League, awards, summary of scores, and information on contacting the Director of the League.

Student Ranking is the sum of top 3 scores. 

Lowest of 4 exams for students will be dropped.  

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Biology I exam & Students:

Final 5-18-2019

Topics of Study  

Biology II exam & Students

Final 5-18-2019


Chem I Team students

Final 5-18-2019

Participation and Rules of League and fee chart

Chem II Team Scores

Final 5-18-2019

Formulae Reference sheets Chemistry and Physics

High School Physics Team

Final 5-18-2019

On line Registration form for 2019 Season

Phy I Team

Final 5-18-2019

Registration form for copying,, scanning then emailing

Phy II Team

Final 5-18-2019

Science League email

Physics C Team and Students

Final 5-18-2019

September 2018 Letter to All Schools

Earth Science Team & Students

Final 5-18-2019

Registered Schools Updated

Environmental Science & Students Final 5-18-2019

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High School Green

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New Jersey Science League                                                         email:                                                                                                                                             

Director: William Spears                                                              www.                   September 2018


To all schools in the State of New Jersey:                                                                                                                      


Registration for the New Jersey Science League is now open to all public and private schools in the State. 

Registration will remain open until the December 21, 2018 for all high schools and middle schools.  Middles Schools can participate in biology I

and Earth Science, if taught at their school.    

The Science League is unique in both the State and our Nation.  Having been started in 1962 by Dr. Mal Sturchio as a Chemistry League,

the League now offers competitions in biology, chemistry, physics,  Earth science, and  environmental science.  There are also competitions

for AP levels in chemistry, biology, and physics.  The topics, rules, and fees of the League as well as a registration can be found at the web

 address of www:// 

The purpose of the Science League is to provide competitions between schools in selected science areas of study.  All competitions are on two levels. 

One level is for the students.  Students within any one testing area are ranked with each other based upon their scores on 3 of the 4 exams. 

Any student completing 3 of the 4 exams receives a certificate from the Science League.  The top ten percent (10%) of the students receiving a

certificate also receive a student plaque.  Last year the League awarded approximately 240 student plaques.  The plaques are presented to the

students in conjunction with your school’s awards program.  

The next level of competition is with teams, which represent the schools.  The students make up teams from each school.  Each school only

needs two members for each team, but as many as four students may compete for each subject area.  Schools may sign up for one to ten teams. 

Team scores which is sum of top 2 student scores are cumulative from January through April.  Competition within each testing area is extremely keen.

 By the end of the season there can be as little as one question separating first place from second place.  For each competition the results are posted

 on the web at www:// .  The final team score for the season will be the sum of all four exams.  Schools are ranked

from #1 down to the last school.   The top 10 schools (not 10%) are awarded plaques. Exceptions are those subject areas having less than 100 schools. 

Those subject areas will be awarded plaques for the top 10% of the schools in the subject area.  

       This year bussing will not be mandatory, but is highly recommended.  However, areas may change depending upon the schools that are willing to bus. 

 For those areas with a host school for any one month the exams for the area will be sent to the host school.  All areas are encouraged to gather at a

 host school. 

       In order to be part of the New Jersey Science League you need to fill out the online registration at www:// You may

 also scan the online registration and return by email ( Or fax your completed registration to 908-213-9272. If you have any questions,

please call 908-213-8923 or email and the director of the League will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

                                Thank you for your time.  We are looking forward to receiving your registration. 




                                                                                                                                                                        Bill Spears, Director of NJSL

                                                                                                                                                                        Vanessa Rainford



New Jersey Science League
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